5/31/2005 03:50:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
There is not much to say on this one other than May The Force Be With You Next Time:

Two Star Wars fans were critically injured in England when a stunt worthy of inclusion in the annual "Darwin Awards" went awry. A 20-year-old man and a 17-year-old woman were rushed to the hospital after attempting to recreate a light saber battle using fluorescent light tubes and gasoline. After lighting the gasoline, one of the fluorescent tubes exploded landing the young couple in the hospital in critical care.

Well, at least these two gits are off the street for awhile. Better luck next time kiddies.

|W|P|111757287550209766|W|P|Thinning The Herd.|W|P|5/31/2005 4:55 PM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|Phweew, the ages don't match any of my friends. Last time I saw them was on frieday, when one of them was lowered over a cliff-type-geographical-formation-in-a-field on a washing line.6/01/2005 5:59 AM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|DAMN IT ALL.

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I was thinking about history this morning, and as I was contemplating the story of a pirate that I thought would be an interesting biographical character, I realized that to tell the story, it woul dhave to be Rated R which poses box office challenges due to many kids not being able to see it. For those of you that do not know what Rated R means, it states that children under 17 cannot be admitted without a parent or guardian (i.e. your parents have to take you to it)

But then I started thinking about many of the historical films I enjoy; Braveheart, Gladiator, Tombstone, Saving Private Ryan, Rob Roy, Excalibur, and even the most recently released Alexander, Troy and The Passion of The Christ. All Rater R.

So why is it that our history is not suitable for children under 17?

I understand that these films contain adult themes, violence, bad language and nudity - but that's life. Especially in the times these films represent. In times when children worked as hard as anyone, often fought in wars and were married off(the women mostly) starting 5 minutes after puberty, it's hard to believe that anything in the modern world would be anywhere near as grisly as what these kids saw and did everyday.

A typical kid in 16th century Europe could be married, go out to a public square and see a man being drawn and quartered, a heretic being burned, or they could be run through with a sword in the street or on the battle field, be drunk in a tavern or visit a prostitute in a brothel well before their 17th birthday - assuming they even lived that long - which many did not.

So what does this say? To me it says that we think modern children are not mature enough to understand real life.

What's the result? We've got all kinds of kids pregnant or with STD's as well as kids routinely marching off and executing anywhere from 3 to 10 people before killing themselves.

Many would be quick to blame TV and movies for all the vilence and sex on TV. And I agree, but not for the same reasons. There is too much cartoon violence and sex on TV and no real sex and violence. So as a result of this plus video games and parents who do not teach their kids values, responsibility or anything else train a generation of kids that violence and sex have no consequences or any dirt under the fingernails.

Real sex and real violence are not pretty to look at and probably wouldn't make good TV. But since most kids don't have any reality to offset these portrayals, they end up with a warped sense of reality.

So what is the solution? Well the common one is v-chips, huge FCC fines and abstinence education. Well we have seen how well that is working. This is the same tactic used during the politically correct fad. Everything will be fine as long as noone does or says anything and pretends everything is fine.

To me this is the heart fo the problem. Kids need real life to succeed in real life. A kids needs to get in a fight, drink too much, get their heart broken, see some ugliness and experience life as it actually is before they can not only have a realistic worldview, but also so that they can appreciate life for the good things.

Real life is Rated R - bring your kids to the show.
|W|P|111754879588568324|W|P|Why is History Rated R?|W|P|5/31/2005 12:53 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Amen.
I couldn't agree with you more. People need to start letting their kids see life just the way it is, with honest and responsible "parental guidance" of course, which is definitely the clue for a mature understanding of subjects such as sex or violence.
I think many parents find it easier to keep their kids inside a "crystal ball" than to present them with real life and properly guide them through it.
My parents did that with me and see how I've turned out. I'm totally twisted.5/31/2005 4:57 PM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|Interesting idea.5/27/2005 05:34:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Well if you want a preview of what we have to look forward to once Bush and the Conservative Right get their people in the door, look no further than Cale J. Bradford, chief judge of the Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whereas the so-called "activist judges" that got conservatives all hot and bothered during the Terri Schaivo case and the Judge Moore ten commandments case were actually following the law in their decision and it pissed of the conservatives. This time, Judge Bradford is making his own decisions which pretty much thumbs his nose at everything America is based on.

You're going to love this one.

A husband and wife are getting divorced, but contrary to what you'd expect, the problem is not between the husband and wife, but between the parents and the judge. You see, the husband and wife are Wiccan and Judge Bradford in his infinite "separation of church and state my ass" wisdom has decided to issue a court order barring the parents from teaching their son about Wicca and would only allow the boy to learn the "mainstream" beliefs taught by the catholic school he attends.

Both parents are Wiccan and want to raise their child as Wiccan, so there is no dispute between them. In this case it is the Judge who has a problem.

So lets see, we have separation of church and state out the window, freedom of religion out the window, freedom of speech out the window not to mention filing a court order interfering in the way parents are raising their children - not because the child is in danger, but because this guy doesn't want the kid learning anything but that olde tyme religion.

Just so we're clear; an activist judge is one who follows the law, even if it is unpopular with conservative christians or in any way hampers their ability to conquer the world. Conversely, a judge who disregards the very bedrock of the laws of society that this country was founded on and acts eerily similar to a member of a theocratic police state is right on, brother!

God Bless America.
|W|P|111712317166568156|W|P|Those Damn Activist Judges Are At It Again!|W|P|5/29/2005 3:46 AM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|Sometimes when I hear of cases like this I wonder whether or not we get the full story and there is a perfectly sane reason for the outcome. But I suspose not.10/11/2005 11:26 AM|W|P|Blogger Editor Choice|W|P|Many Thanks for your nice blog. I will come back.
I wanted just to mention an interesting site regarding: Religions, with more than 500 pages, Religion News and Articles Religion Universe: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism (Daoism) and many others5/26/2005 09:12:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
It would seem that folks in North Carolina have been reading The Rudicus Report and were alarmed that Texas and Florida we featured so prominently atop the lists of states famous for hatred and rampant idiocy. In a startling bid to unseat one of the co-leaders, North Carolina has come on strong in recent weeks hoping to portray themselves as an equally stupid, hatemongering state.

Already we had our "Just Like Jesus" pastor friends kicking democrats out of church and advocating Koran flushing, now we have an old favorite: cross burning.

America's fascination with all things retro has clearly not escaped the next generation of haters in Durham, North Carolina who burned not one, not two, but THREE crosses in different locations around Durham.

There was not any indication why the crosses were burned, although police found KKK literature near one of the crosses, while another was found near a church that welcomes gay parishoners. One police officer said that there hadn't been cross burnings in North Carolina since at least 1968 when he arrived there.

Folks from the Westboro Baptist Church (our old God Hates Fags buddies) were also in town to protest a stage production of The Laramie Project, but no connection between these idiots and the crosses was mentioned.

Well North Carolina is definitely making a name for itself. So we'd like to offer probationary membership in the Most Ignorant States Club. Investigation is continuing into whether there is a Bush connection to North Carolina, as that had been a requirement for full membership up until now. We're pulling for you North Carolina! Some anti-gay legislation, outlawing anything but Christianity, eliminating the teaching of science in schools or voting God for Governor will have you guys right up there. You Can Do It!
|W|P|111711810236997854|W|P|North Carolina Coming Up on the Outside!|W|P|5/25/2005 09:15:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
In a perfect sign of the times, Rev. Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church in North Carolina and his crew put up a sign on his church that read "The Koran Needs To Be Flushed."

Isn't that special.

"I believe that it is a statement supporting the word of God and that it (the Bible) is above all and that any other religious book that does not teach Christ as savior and lord as the 66 books of the Bible teaches it, is wrong," said the Rev. Lovelace

As expected there was some complaint, but the Rev. stood by his idiocy...

"If we stand for what is right and for God's word and for Christianity then the world is going to condemn us and so right away when I got a complaint I said, 'Well somebody's mad, somebody's offended, so we must be doing something right,'" Lovelace said.

Well that's some sound logic. If someone is offended then we must be doing something right. So by that rationale, every hate group must be doing something right. Yessir, that means the KKK, the White Supremists, The "God Hates Fags" people all must be doing something right - that's what you really wanted to say isn't it Rev. Nazi?

I'm glad he's doing this and sticking by it - along with the other Pastor who kicked his Democrat parishoners out of church and the God Hates Fags church and all the other hatemongering conservatives. We get to see first hand the kinds of people that are supporting Prez. Bush.

Yes and these are the same folks that "aren't on an kind of crusade" they're just trying to bring liberty, freedom and democracy to a world run by religious dictators who oppress their people with inflexible dogma and make war on their neighbors in the name of religion to satisfy their own personal egos and greed.

Hmm...sound like anyone we know?

But those dictators weren't Christians like ours is, so I guess that makes it OK.

So remember kids, next time you shout "faggot" or "nigger" or "gook" and anyone gets offended or angry, then you must be doing something right.

God Bless You All and God Bless America and please don't forget to vote.
|W|P|111696382090441819|W|P|What Would Jesus Do?|W|P|5/25/2005 12:39 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|My day was going perfectly well. I was in a great mood until just now. Now I'm angry. Thanx5/25/2005 1:48 PM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|That's why I'm angry everyday - at least I share.5/25/2005 8:51 PM|W|P|Blogger Gilbert Koh|W|P|My country Singapore has a typically Singaporean way of dealing with such matters.


any "priest, monk, pastor, imam, elder, office-bearer or any other person who is in a position of authority in any religious group or institution"

causes "feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different religious groups",

then the government can make an order against him, restraining him from:

"addressing orally or in writing any congregation, parish or group of worshippers or members of any religious group or institution on any subject, topic or theme as may be specified in the order without the prior permission of the Minister".

To make everyone from every religion happy about this rule, there is a Presidential Council for Religious Harmony,

which consists of representatives from every major religion in Singapore -

and each restraining order must be referred to this Presidential Council,

and they can make recommendations to the President of Singapore to amend or cancel the order, if they think that's the best way to do it.

Now, if the priest / imam / pastor / monk who was spouting nonsense in the first place does not obey his restraining order,

he can be fined up to $10,000 and sent to jail for up to 2 years.

And if after his release, he commits the same offence a second time,

he can be fined up to $20,000 and imprisoned up to 3 years.

And that is why Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists etc in Singapore all live happily next to each other.

Last December, following the Asian tsunami disaster, there was a public mass religious service held in Singapore. Thousands of Singaporeans attended.

The unusual thing about this service, which you will probably never see in any country other than Singapore, was that it was an inter-religious service.

So this public ceremony was led by a priest, an imam, a monk, a pastor, a rabbi and a swami;

who stood together on stage and prayed together;

and then they took turns to perform prayers / rites in their own way;

and tens of thousands of Singaporeans, all of different faiths, sat together in the audience and prayed.

Lee Kuan Yew, ex-Prime Minister of Singapore, says that building religious harmony in Singapore was one of his greatest achievements.

The funny thing is, he's also a confirmed atheist. He's gone on public record several times saying that he does not believe in any kind of God.

Ah, the ironies. Only in a country like mine. :)5/25/2005 8:55 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Theres nothing wrong with God or His true worshipers and it's poeple like you that make good poeple sick.5/25/2005 10:51 PM|W|P|Blogger Gilbert Koh|W|P|Certainly you are entitled to your view. And if you believe that God is truly:

omnipotent, universal, all-knowing, the alpha and the omega, the creator of the entire universe;

and yet, despite all that, you believe that such a divine force

can be successfully monopolised and made exclusively accessible to, only one class of human beings,

(ie the Christians)

well, you are also entitled to your beliefs.

If you think that Jesus, walking around on earth today, would treat non-Christians such as Muslims, with disrespect, with anything less than love,

then well, you are also entitled to that belief.

Just be aware that your own belief would be inconsistent with your own BIBLE.

Haahaaaa.5/26/2005 5:48 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|Singapore seems like they have a good grasp on things - I know that kind of situation could never happen here becasue you could never get the people here to sit through othr peoples prayers and two because you could never get elected if you are a confirmed athiest - there are even states and counties in the country where athiests ar actually barred from office.

But then this is a nation built by prosthelytizers so there is no way any middle ground will develop.

As for Anonymous's comment - I always enjoy comments by the faithful, especially when then rarely if ever say anything of substance. But like Gilbert said, they are entitled to their opinion, even if they can't really discuss it. But the bible is a big book and you can selectively read it and quote from it to support literally any argument, so whatever keeps people warm at night...5/24/2005 01:40:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
I'm not trying to steal ideas from TLR, but I thought this one would be interesting.

1. If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no God, Heaven, Hell, Satan etc. and this life and this time was all that you had, how would you change your life? Would you do anything differently?

2. If everyone's mind and memory was instantly wiped of all knowledge of god's and religion and everything having to do with them, how do you think the world would be different?

I've been playing around with these questions, and I'm interested to hear what everyone else has to say.
|W|P|111696029259398437|W|P|Discussion Question.|W|P|5/24/2005 6:26 PM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|Never stopped you from stealing from me before.

1)Do the same thing I'm doing living life to the fullest. Fear of heaven or hell doesn't keep me from doing evil things, sense of right or wrong does.

Question within a question though: Does loosing all knowlege of heaven or hell make you loose sight of right or wrong?

2)There would still be prejudice (which is really what inner faith conflict is) against color, life style, sex.

Good questions though.5/24/2005 7:15 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Very interesting.

1- I wouldn't do anything differently since my actions have never been determined by the hope of reaching heaven someday, neither by the fear of going to hell... hell no!

2- Well that would be the end of the world as we know it... most of the ideas and actions of at least two thirds of the population would be different in countless ways, which of course would change the course of history.
Just imagine the Middle East without the rules of the Koran, (wow! this is fun).. OR picture Latin America with no Catholicism and its fear of hell, the churches (which are huge and beautiful and can be found every 2 blocks) would be huge places for night clubbing, drinking, raving and finally enjoying guiltless sex.
Or imagine the Orient without the spirituality of Buddhism or Hinduism...
Also, the suicide rates would increase incredibly.
I could go on and on. You could write a book on just that subject... why don't you?5/24/2005 11:13 PM|W|P|Blogger Gilbert Koh|W|P|Those are huge questions you are asking, so I can only deal with a few brief aspects.

I think that the world would change, but not as much as one might expect.

You see, the concept of God is enormous. Way too enormous for the vast, vast majority of human beings to constantly bear in mind.

While the actual potential of the human mind is vast, the realized capabilities of the average human being is very limited.

(You, being an eNTp, will surely agree with me, being an iNTj, on that. By now you know very well that most human beings are not as brilliant as the two of us, especially in dealing with big concepts. Members of the rare NT family are uniquely designed to grasp big concepts, but most other members of the human race are not).

Due to the limited capabilities of the human mind, the average person is only able to take only a relatively small amount of his intellectual understanding of God, and translate it into concrete aspects of his life (and to begin with, his intellectual understanding of God may be quite limited).

For example, a Christian, at an intellectual level, may fully know & understand that he is to love his neighbour. However, in practice, due to human limitations, many (most?) Christians may be able to truly do this sporadically or infrequently, if at all.

These human limitations are what the following Buddhist saying is talking about:

"To know, and not to do, is to not yet know."

To understand this using a more concrete example, consider a smoker. Intellectually, he knows and accepts that smoking is unhealthy and that the correct thing to do is to stop smoking. However, due to human limitations, he finds himself unable to stop smoking.

Returning to the Christian example, the Christian knows, at the intellectual level, that there are certain things he ought to do - but due to human limitations, he finds himself not quite able to actually do these things.

Thus if his memory of God, religion etc is suddenly, inexplicably wiped out, his actual behaviour may not change as much as you might expect.

This is because in the first place, his intellectual knowledge of God, religion etc had not deeply translated into his actual behaviour.

So he will go on working, eating, sleeping, interacting with his friends and family, more or less in the same way that he did before.

There is one other aspect of your question that I wish to deal with.

I think that in answering your question about the sudden amnesia, we have to form a basic premise as to whether God does or does not exist.

If we accept that God does not in fact exist, then the person whose memory of God is wiped out will probably start behaving more like any person today who truly rejects the notion of God (ie any firm atheist).

On the other hand, if we accept that God, in some form or other, DOES exist, then I think that the person who loses all memory of God, religion etc may well experience some form of calling to reestablish contact with that ultimate force.

It may be as subtle as the person starting to wonder, "I wonder how the universe was formed." In other words, if you asked any of the Big Questions, you may end up leading yourself back to God, or the concept of a God.

Another clue as to how people might behave if they lost memory of God, religion etc may lie in the behaviour of very young children.

In my home, there is nothing overtly religious. We do not go to church or temple or synagogue or mosque.

Thus my young children cannot possibly have any intellectual understanding of God.

However, recently my three-year-old son pointed at the sky at night and said, "Who put the moon there?"

The question is surprising because it assumes that SOMEONE had put the moon there. And clearly the SOMEONE who put the moon there can't quite be the same kind of being as Daddy or Mummy, who are mere mortals.

Thus there is perhaps something intrinsic in human beings that draws them to an awareness of God, or, if God does not exist, to the false idea that he does.

And if you lost all memory of God, religion etc, perhaps you would simply be redrawn again to such an awareness (or such a false idea).5/25/2005 6:34 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|First off - Thanks so much for al your comments - I really appreciate all of them and they are very insightful and enjoyable - I have no doubt why your son is gifted.

My purpose for asking this question, at least the first part was to see if anyone would act differently if they had no fear of God, Hell or were not waiting around for the rapture. Also if you knew that this was your only chance at life, would you do anything differently.

The second part was more about how much of our daily lives and the lives of our countries are influenced by religion. I wasn't speaking so much of amnesia vs. what if everyone was irreligious, how would that change the world.

As for your son asking who put the moon there, I think that is the same line of metaphysical queston that always grips sentient beings. Early man asked that question along with what happens when we die and why are we here. Religion quickly answered those questions and has done so for thousands of years in one form or another - it makes it easier for people.

But what if you told your son about the Big Bang and how planets are formed and evolution - without him ever hearing about adam and eve and noah - and THEN he didn't hear about these things as he grew up - what kind of person would he become? Would he be amoral or would he develop following natural law? I love that thought but unfortunately it is untestable outside of a unique kind of experiement that would be outlawed. But it's interesting to contemplate.5/25/2005 9:17 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Hi, just visted your blog for the first time. Interesting question you posed,and I agree with Gilbert's comment. Being reared by hippie parents (literally in a commune) religion was NOT a part of our lives. Instead I was taught to "follow" my instinct on what was appropriate behavior, treat others with respect and treat myself with respect. I think it has worked out quite well for me! I now counsel troubled youth who grapple with addiction among other issues. I believe that since I was reared to respect myself - I did not have these issues myself, although I did face the temptations. Therefore I think Gilbert is correct in saying that fundamentally our behaviors would not change, but that would depend on what our parents have instilled in us in place of religion.
BTW - great site! - Marnie5/25/2005 9:22 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|Hi Marnie, thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments.

I do think that left to our own devices we would do just fine as a culture, society and planet without religion. We would still have racial prejudice, crime, drugs and all the other social ills, since those are all human nature and a product of the society we have developed. I don't think morals come from God and I don't think a world without God would be an anarchist free-for-all of violence, sex and rock and roll of the worst possible kind. It would be pretty much the same, with a lot less BS wars, and alot more tolerance and probably fewer lawyers.

Of course then I'd probably have to blog about something else.5/23/2005 03:14:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|

Three screen names that you have had: Rudicus, Great_Brain, Caravaggio
Three things you like about your self: My Great Brain, My Perceptiveness, My Calves
Three things you don't like about your self: My Height, My Weight, The fact that I’m not even a little bit French
Three parts of your heritage: Italian, Irish, Russian and Spanish (same percentage)
Three things that scare you: Being Poisoned, Sharks, Christians
Three of your everyday essentials: Perrier, My Laptop, Raw Story
Three things you are wearing right now: black linen shirt, Khaki shorts, flannel boxers
Three of your favorite songs: A Night Like This (The Cure), Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones), Supersonic (Oasis)
Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months: Healthier Eating, Making my own Crème Brule, Writing a book
Three things I want in a relationship: Fun, Variety, Peace
Two truths and a lie: I’m smarter than everyone, I can’t stand religion, I like Tom DeLay
Three things you can't do without: Architecture, Movies, Internet
Three places you want to go on vacation: Switzerland, Prague, Costa Rica
Three things you just can't do: Feel Satisfied, Calm Down, Stop Talking
Three kids names: Valentino, Amarna, Allejandro
Three things you want to do before you die: Learn to Surf, Speak 5 Languages, Have a Following
Three Celeb crushes: Joan Jett, Zhang Ziyi, Gabrielle Reece
Three people you want to know these things about: TLR, Tatia, Anonymous

|W|P|111687935840270774|W|P|Three Things|W|P|5/23/2005 11:28 PM|W|P|Blogger Gilbert Koh|W|P|On your comment -

"I can't stand religion."

Two nights ago, I was reading Scott Peck's old book "The Road Less Travelled". He makes this interesting observation:

As a psychiatrist, it is important to understand the client's world view (more or less, his concept of the universe).

For example, does the client view the world is a safe, nurturing place filled with love? Or as an arbitrary, dangerous, random place? Or a place where you can control your own destiny through your own acts and decisions? Or a place where good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people?

Understanding the client's worldview is important because many things about his behaviour. mental health and emotions will be linked to that worldview.

And people's worldviews, whether they are aware of it or not, are often shaped by their religion (or by their early childhood experiences - but that is not the point of my current comment).

Even people who do not consider themselves to have a religion or to be religious will have certain fundamental beliefs that constitute their worldview.

For example, if you are a very logical, rational, scientific sort of person, then Scott Peck would regard you as subscribing to what he terms the "religion of science".

Your belief in science, logic etc plays a role in your life which is analogous to someone else's belief in Jesus, or Buddha, or Allah.

Just as a Christian or a Muslim's behaviour is influenced by his understanding of what is written in the Bible or in the Koran, so too your belief is influenced by what your understanding of scientific principles and knowledge.

Just as there may be flaws in the thinking of those who subscribe to Christianity or Buddhism or Islam, so too there may be flaws in the thinking of those who subscribe to the religion of science.

To me, this is a persuasive argument because I see that in modern science, there is basically distrust of that which cannot be measured, or scientifically proven, or replicated under scientifically controlled experiments.

On the other hand, the fact that today, something cannot be measured or scientifically proven or replicated under scientifically controlled conditions does not mean that the "something" does not really exist.

For example, "bacteria" did exist before Pasteur. "Electricity" did exist before Faraday. The "AIDS virus" was spreading by sexual contact long before we knew it could be spread by sexual contact.

On the other hand, before all these discoveries were actually made, the scientifically-minded person would have said:

"There is absolutely no basis for believing [in the existence of] [bacteria]/[electricity]/ [that this strange disease is spread by sexual contact]."

It's interesting therefore to understand that whatever science can't establish is not necessarily untrue.5/24/2005 6:13 AM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|I'll be a follower as long as I can be head of security.

Glad to see Bennie didn't get ya I was worried there for a bit.5/24/2005 6:15 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|Now I totally agree with that. I fully understand and agree that science is limited by it's own experience and understanding.

I fully admit that personally I probably subscribe to the religion of science/philosophy/psychology more than anything else, but I also understand that any view is limited by what we know right now.

Where I see the difference and why I say "I can't stand religion" is because "religion" tends not to share this view. Whereas I can easily say I don't know everything and someday there may be evidence to support a creator or other form of intelligence, the "religon" people cannot. They tend to not only ignore things that we have already either established as true or untrue if it in anyway conflicts with their beliefs, but also insist on arrogantly forcing thier mistaken or innaccurate beliefs on others all the while claiming them to be the absolute unimpeachable truth.

I never have a problem with anyone's particular beliefs - you are at liberty to beleive whatever you want, but "religion" - especially Christianity and Islam seem hellbent on conversion and dogma and that doesn't leave much room for discussion, critical thought or personal freedom. That's why I can't stand religion because it tends to make people into automatons and sheep.

If these guys could incorporate the "real" world into their philosophy or revise their dogma so that it is more fluid with any new discoveries in science or history or philosophy etc., then I would probably cease to take issue with it, but since I probably have a better chance of jumping from here to the moon in a single bound, I guess I have to continue to not stand it.5/24/2005 9:13 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!5/24/2005 11:34 PM|W|P|Blogger Gilbert Koh|W|P|I guess the most dangerous flaw in the "religion of science" is that while you accept that there are limits in your knowledge, you would nevertheless not act on what science has not yet established.

I say that this is dangerous because there is so very much that science does not yet know.

For example, if God existed, but you will not accept his existence until it can be scientifically established, then in all likelihood you will not accept God in your lifetime. This can't be good for you, and could possibly be the most harmful thing you can ever do to yourself.

(But of course the above wouldn't matter at all, if God in fact did not exist).

The other thing is that science being what it is today, is going to focus on whatever is of commercial value. Funding for research into new drugs to improve sexual potency, for example, will come far more easily than funding for research into esoteric areas that might bring us to a closer understanding of spiritual things.

Now, if you will just take a moment to consider the following list of phenomena:

past life regression;
demonic possession;
faith healing;
near-death experiences;
any form of "miracle";

I think you would probably agree that scientific research in these areas has generally been lacking.

Yet a real scientific breakthrough in any ONE of these areas would probably be one of those major paradigmmatic events forcing a huge change that we (and by "we". I mean scientifically-minded people) think about the universe.

On the other hand, because science is the way it is today, you're much likelier to get funding to do research on developing a new type of Post-it pad; or a faster kind of microchip; or a better type of drug for curing migraines.

In other words, science does not grow uniformly. To a large extent, it has become a slave to commerce and business. And the world of commerce / business is largely disinterested in the Bigger Questions.5/25/2005 6:24 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|Again, I totally agree. I would love to see science investigate these phenomena and there are fringe scientists exploring these topics - it's just until now, there hasn't been anything definitive as yet.

But then, just because I reject religion does not mean I don't have room for these phenomena - also don't forget that all of these things do not indicate the existence or relevance of a supernatural phenomenon. Just because a perticular kind of placebo effect or self-healing takes place does not mean that God interceded to heal anyone - people only ascribe it to God because they don't have a scientific framework to characterize it as yet, also people tend to think very little of themselves and their own power, so in most cases giving yourself credit for healing or thinking tends to get credited to God if it is outside the mainstream of human experience.

As for my particular beleif in God, I don't see that as in any way detrimental since it has zero impact on me - if there is not God and I'm right great, if there is one, he certainly hasn't deemed fit to display himself to me, so I feel free to ignore him until I die, at which time, if there is one, then we'll have a chat about it then.

My challenge to God is this - if he made me, and he knows me, then he knows I will never accept him on faith alone, so knowing me and knowing how fervently I support the things I DO beleive in, all he would have to do is display himself to me in a way that I would accept and I'll be the next Billy Graham. But alas he has not, so I'll go about my business and he knows where I am if he needs me to answer any questions for him.5/25/2005 5:45 PM|W|P|Blogger tatia|W|P|Three screen names that you have had: Tatia, Tat2u, dogfazdgrl
Three things you like about your self: My dazzling good looks, fine ass, and mostly my modesty.
Three things you don't like about your self: My height, my width, and my volume.
Three parts of your heritage: My mom, dad and 'uncle' Estaban.
Three things that scare you: Birth, death and taxes.
Three of your everyday essentials: Exercise, meditation and Regis.
Three things you are wearing right now: socks (I'm always losing one.)
Three of your favorite songs: Monkey to Man (E.Costello) Mystery Achievement (C.Hynde) anything from the Nutcracker.
Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months: A new job, new hair style and new relationship.
Three things I want in a relationship: Men, women, ... I guess I'm old fashioned I can't think of a third.
Two truths and a lie: I’m smarter than Rudicus, I can’t stand religion, I like Tom DeLay
Three things you can't do without: Chocolate, Music, Internet Porn
Three places you want to go on vacation: Ava's for peyote, France for the wine, home for a nap.
Three things you just can't do: Take the bus, buy in bulk, wear vinyl.
Three kids names: Rug rats, curtain climbers, priest bait.
Three things you want to do before you die: Sailboard across the gulf, find inner peace, and shoot the mother f*@#er that killed me.
Three Celeb crushes: Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore, Babe (the piglet)
Three people you want to know these things about: NA - I am networking's worst nightmare.5/23/2005 02:29:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Goes to Blockbuster Video for their "end of Late Fees" idea.

In the history of stupid ideas, this one is right up there. In a vain attempt to compete with Netflix, Blockbuster decided to let people keep their movies as long as they want (after a few weeks you have to pay for the whole movie).

The problem is that EVERYONE keeps their movies and games forever now. It was hard enough trying to find new releases before, now it's impossible. This way movies stay out basically forever and you can never get anything you want to see before 5-7 weeks have past.

Everyone in the movie rental industry knows that new releases are your primary renting product. Also late fees are typically a good source of revenue as well. Now they have neither - instead of renting new releases every two or three days, they're now renteing them once a week - and getting no late fees on top of it. The only way this would work is if each store had a nearly unlimited supply of movies - THEN it would be a good idea. Now it just sucks.

As a result of this, I'm seriously considering switching to Netflix, since at least they will probably have the movies I'm looking for someday before they come out on HBO.

Nice work Blockbuster - glad I don't have any of your stock.
|W|P|111687706923226519|W|P|The Worst Idea Ever.|W|P|5/23/2005 7:21 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Good thing Blockbuster in Mexico is always too far behind on new releases and "great" ideas like this one...
Also, I'd have no problem with the "no late fee" thing, since I never rent new releases (I watch them at the movies) and I always rent directly from the "international" or "art" section, which are always available and you can keep them for like 4 days, since nobody wants to rent them.5/24/2005 6:11 AM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|Actually thats what made me go to BB online, if they don't have it they ship the next movie I want to see. Considering I have 85 movies in queue at any given time it doesnt matter which one I see.5/16/2005 10:25:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Reading Little Things of Venom today got me thinking about concerts and the value of experiences. Several things have happened recently that really made me think about what we value.

As I mentioned in my comment about her visit to the White Stripes concert. I decided not to go to the Sting concert when he came to Atlanta because it was $150 per ticket. Some would say, "If you really love Sting, then it's worth it." But is it? Just this past weekend, I went to a renaissance faire where I routinely saw people shelling out $200, $300 and $400 for swords and armor that they will never use or may break out as a costume for next years faire. But then I remembered a conversation I had with a few other people about movies and concerts - where one was paying over $1000 to go see the Rolling Stones in New York and another who was paying several hundred dollars to see a sneak preview of the movie "Serenity"

So what is it about these things that makes people put such insane value on them? Are our lives so devoid of any real experiences that we feel compelled to bankrupt ourselves like this? Why would you pay $500 to see a sneak preview of a movie? This would be like paying $500 to get the new Harry Potter book today instead of waiting until July. And why would you pay $150, let alone $1000 to see a band? It's not like there will be anything different. It'll be the same music you already know and you'll probably be so far back that you'd have a better seat watching it on television.

Now, if I paid $1000 to see the Stones and then I went partying with them and then the next day got together with them to jam - THAT might be worth $1000 because it was an experience that no one else would have, but just to see them with 35,000 other people?

I don't understand why people would pay so much money for seemingly mundane experiences like this. Can anyone shed any light on this? Have any of you paid excessive sums of money for an experience like this? What did you take from it? I just don't get it.
|W|P|111625910020452912|W|P|Perceived Value.|W|P|5/16/2005 12:36 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|We put money on what makes us happy, no matter how long it lasts. That's what money is for.
When people pay that much money for going to a concert, they're just buying a "moment" of bliss (for them). It's the same as buying a good bottle of wine, or flying to Europe to see someone for a few hours, or staying at a beautiful hotel just for one night... it's all ephemeral bliss, and we all value very different things.
By this post you're saying that things that last longer should make people happier and should be valued more, and that's not how it works. I bet not even with you.5/16/2005 12:48 PM|W|P|Blogger jayne|W|P|You know, I see Ava's point, but at the same time, I'm not inclined to spend money like that--I love the Stones but I'd never pay $1000 to see them, not even for a once in a life time experience.

However, I'm not above paying for experiences that will warm me for no reason than to just be blissful. I don't buy "things," I buy the experiences and the memories.5/16/2005 1:37 PM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|It's not about longer that I'm getting at - to me it's more about trivial or seemingly frivolous experiences. I'm a huge proponent on spending your money on experiences - since that is something truly tangible - I just don't see how one show can be worth that much.

Ava: you know that peice of art you bought a few months ago? Would you have been just as happy if you flew to Paris for dinner for the same money?5/16/2005 4:00 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Yes I would, definitely.
But, as I said, we all value very different things. I put a lot more value on memories than on material things. We can't really say what is frivolous and what's not, cause what we might think is a shallow expensive moment, may be a blissful experience, worth remembering for a lifetime for someone else.5/16/2005 5:25 PM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|It all depends on the persons value system. Sadly in some cases some of those people are forfeiting a childs education.5/12/2005 12:59:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
I have some questions for all of you - if you have a moment, please think about them and answer in the comments - I really appreciate it. Note: questions do not necessarily pertain to this blog.

1. What is your favorite blog and why? (i.e. what keeps you coming back for more?)
2. What do you wish someone would blog about? ("If only there was a blog about ????")
3. If you could ask God, The Universe, etc. one question about the world, what would it be?
4. If you could ask God, The Universe, etc. one question about your life, what would it be?
5. If you could take a class on any subject, what would it be? What if it cost $500US (i.e. what would you be willing to pay for vs. what would you want.)
6. What do you love most about your life?
7. What is the most aggravating thing about your life?
8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
9. If you were a guest contributor on The Rudicus Report, what would you write about?

If you have any other thoughts or comments to share, please do so. If anyone is uncomfortable posting their answers, you could also email them to askrudicus@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance, I look forward to see what you all have to say - who knows, something very good may come of it.
|W|P|111592157410506395|W|P|The Rudicus Report Reader Survey|W|P|5/12/2005 4:46 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|I'm sending my by e-mail.5/12/2005 5:33 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Ok, I'll post them but leave a couple out.
1. I have two. One is http://sothefishsaid.blogspot.com, because it's personal, funny, witty, cute, the posts are not too long, and most importantly: there's a story behind it. I also love http://iamgettingfat.blogspot.com/ because the way this guy laughs at himself is incredibly hilarious.

2. People's secrets and deepest wishes.

3. What's the point of life? what's the main purpose? what's the final goal?

4. How and when will I die?

5. I'd love to take a class on how to read people's minds. If it was
guaranteed to work, I'd like to pay the $500, but I'd pay up to
$50,000US, or more. Since that class probably doesn't exist, and if it does, it's a scam, then I'd love to take a class on photography and symbolism, I'd like to pay 200 for that, but I'd pay 1000, of course, depending on the number of hours, etc.

6. How I see and live it.

9. Happiness, unhappiness, and "bullshit" happiness.5/16/2005 12:59 PM|W|P|Blogger jayne|W|P|1.High Lord of Depravity Falls to Earth--just an interesting one. Doesn't hurt that he's my best friend.

2. Gosh, I don't know.

3. Why us? Why'd you choose this planet, this people?

4. Did I get it right?

5. Hm..healing hearts. I've seen too many people with damaged ones and I don't know how to help them.

6. That it's simple. I'm not extravagant, I'm just who I am.

7. Not having enough time.

8. This is silly--my height. I'd love to be taller. Failing that, I'd like to be more outspoken about the things that really matter.

9. Idiocy on the planet.5/17/2005 6:22 PM|W|P|Blogger tatia|W|P|1. The Rudicus Report (I heard there was a prize if you got all 9 correct!)
2. If only there was a blog about rancid meat. Oops there is! http://angelweave.mu.nu/archives/011593.html
3. What is the optimal sustainable human population? If the answer is zero just humor me and say one.
4. Will I have my mother's butt?
5. I would like to take a spanish class. For $500 it must include hotel & airfare and meet in Cancun.
6. That its not over yet. (anything to do with nature, except eating bugs!)
7. People
8. I have a crooked toe. I would like the other nine to line up with this one.
9. How great Rudicus is. Did I win?5/18/2005 9:15 AM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Tatia, come back!!!
We miss you.5/22/2005 9:16 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|1. What is your favorite blog and why? (i.e. what keeps you coming back for more?)

It's called Singabloodypore (singabloodypore.blogspot.com). It is a blog run by an Irishman in the UK about current affairs in Singapore and it says all sorts of things that bloggers physically located in Singapore wouldn't say for fear of getting themselves in trouble. What keeps me coming back for more? It is regularly updated and the man puts a lot of effort in finding up-to-date news & opinions.

2. What do you wish someone would blog about? ("If only there was a blog about ????")

I wish there was a blog about raising gifted children.

3. If you could ask God, The Universe, etc. one question about the world, what would it be?

"Please tell me what I need to know."

4. If you could ask God, The Universe, etc. one question about your life, what would it be?

"Please tell me what I need to know."

5. If you could take a class on any subject, what would it be? What if it cost $500US (i.e. what would you be willing to pay for vs. what would you want.)

I'd like to take a meditation class with a teacher who really, REALLY knows his stuff.

I think US$500 is okay if he really, REALLY knows his stuff.

6. What do you love most about your life?

I love watching my kids when they are asleep. They look so sweet, peaceful & harmless.

7. What is the most aggravating thing about your life?

Stupid people at work. But occasionally I get a kick out of yelling at them, especially when they have more seniority than myself.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'd like to be more cheerful.

9. If you were a guest contributor on The Rudicus Report, what would you write about?

I dunno.5/11/2005 11:10:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Pope Benedict XVI broke the story about the "evil energy."

According to Geoff Landerhoff who is embedded with the 616th Demonic Infantry Division, Satanic forces fired the energy from a Beelzebub 380 Evil Energy Cannon.

While the target of the blast was presumed to be Vatican City, the wayward blast actually landed in the center of the new Iraqi Parliament. In an unprecedented outbreak of "evil" members of the parliament began enacting all sorts of behavior. Just seconds after the blast stuck, several members were heard taking the lords name in vain, including several junior ministers who suddenly refused to honor their mother and father, including one who also began coveting his neighbors wife.

As the day progressed, formerly pious clerics were seen having homosexual contact while combining meat and dairy and drinking spirits. Married couples began fornicating for no other reason than they enjoyed it, and some of them even used condoms. Several other parliamentarians decided to make decisions about their own lives without consulting the church.

In other examples of anti-church evil, some of those affected by the evil energy were heard telling the truth about elements of the koran and bible. And one minister who was at the epicenter of the blast was overheard telling a child that some of the stories in the bible were actually parables and not the literal truth.

In a related story, the 4 remaining members of the Iraqi military that were not killed by insurgents decided that Syria had more tabouli & hummus than Iraq and devised a pre-tense of WMD's to launch a war to get it. When reached for comment, President Bush declared that all the other incidences were clearly a sign of "evil energy" but this last bit seemed perfectly reasonable.
|W|P|111582957081850594|W|P|Satan Unleashes "Evil Energy" on The World|W|P|5/11/2005 11:54 AM|W|P|Blogger aBitWicked|W|P|I love humms and kippe. And Honour my mother and father most of the time...5/11/2005 3:36 PM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|You're full of poopy. Poopy is good.5/12/2005 11:26 AM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|The "Evil Energy" has soooo taken over me in the last few years... I was even practically kicked out of a confessionary inside Saint Peter's Basilica last year during confession... Ha, I just thought a new post.5/11/2005 09:02:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
You have to wonder if all of the contentiousness over things like judicial nominees, religion, Iraq etc. is really a smokescreen for Bush's REAL agenda - which appears to be dismantling every environemental law in existence while at the same time butt-reaming the American people in favor of corporate cronies.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights:

1. Raising the amount of untreated sewage dumped into water.
2. Allowing coal-burning plants to release 3 times more mercury into the air and for decades longer.
3. Repeal Roadless Area Conservation rule to allow roads to be built in formerly protected woodlands to allow for more logging and mining
4. Opeing the Great Sequoia National Park to logging
5. Pulling out of the kyoto treaty on global warming
6. Reducing the Smog guidelines in the Clean Air Act and eliminating smokestack clean up requirements
7. Suspends arsenic in drinking water standards.
8. Plans to suspend laws protecting people from lead in favor of "voluntary" self-policing by polluters.

This is just the tip of the melting iceberg - for the full picture, check out www.nrdc.org

If you take a look at all the things these have in common, you'll see that the people who benefit aren't regular people, they're not environmentalists, not future generations, and certainly not animals or any other country. No, the big winners here are big business. Less restrictions, more ways to rape the land to make money and less or even no penalties when they get caught. Now if you add that in with the change of bankruptcy laws, dismantling of other regulations and laws and filter that through sweetheart no-bid contracts in Iraq and secret energy meetings starring the kings of corruption at Enron and other energy companies - and you get...Bushland - a bare 200 degree in the shade landscape that you can't even see because of all the smog (which you couldn't see anyway because your eyes have already burned out from UV radiation or nuclear waste from yucca mountain).

Louis Armstrong may have to revise his song a bit.

And if you need any further proof of who really matters to the Bush administration - Cheney's secret BS energy commision was allowed to keep on screwing the country in private and Haliburton got a 72 million dollar bonus from the Army(presumably for going above and beyond the call of corporate and political corruption).

"I see trees of...hmmm no trees"
"Clouds of...well kind of brownish-gray actually"
"Sky's of...err black"
"And, me and you (with cancer)"

"And I think to myself...what a wonderful world."
|W|P|111582362087685208|W|P|Smogscreen.|W|P|5/06/2005 12:12:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Apparently God is a Republican if we go by the latest action by Pastor Chan Chandler of the East Waynesville Baptist Church in North Carolina.

As the last gasps of tolerance and diversity fell beneath the waves, Chandler booted Democrats out of his church telling the congregation if they didn't support George Bush, they should resign or repent. In all 49 parishioners got kicked to the curb.

The guy had the nerve to say that the move was not politically motivated.

There is not much to say here, as this is just one in a long series of unbelievable moves that I can never begin to understand. However, since it is Friday and a great day to make bold statements, I want to go on record with the following.

1. It is my opinion that religion is the single greatest threat to the modern world. Far beyond AIDS, Terrorism or Nuclear Weapons.

2. I think the U.S. has balls the size of Asia to even deign to think they have the right to dictate right, wrong or anything else based on morality, society or culture to anyone. It is a nation of sheep, governed by bullies, that is drunk on it's megalomania.

3. To me the only thing I can say for sure is that there is no God because if there were, there would be a crap ton of lightning bolts hitting a lot of different people long before now. Hatemongering, self-righteousness, power-mad governing, warmongering, racism, fascism, homophobia, misogyny and generally being a psychotic fuckhead are all traits created by humans, committed by humans and the responsibility of humans.

4. I only wish the Rapture WOULD come so they could sweep all the religious nutballs back up to Jesus and I could get my planet back. That would be my idea of heaven.
|W|P|111540200332376465|W|P|God is a Republican.|W|P|5/07/2005 12:03 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|you spend ALOT of time bitching about someone you don't believe in. Since you don't believe in God, what do you care what other people believe? Just chalk them up to be Stupid and leave it at that.5/07/2005 7:21 AM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|You are right and on the surface it would seem like why don't I just point and laugh and get on with my life, but I'll tell you why. First of all, as a humanist, I care about humans and people and cultures NOW, today and for the future. I'm not sitting around singing hymn waiting for the rapture so I can get my reward in heaven - so I will do whatever I can to help any humans who care to listen to see and think - even if only for a moment.

But the primary reason is like everything else - totally selfish. If religious people said I'll believe what I want to beleive and you believe what you want to believe and left it at that, I probably wouldn't spend two seconds of my time on it. But as well all know the reality is that these folks are in MY face every single day, affecting MY life with their stupid crap. I'm a non-believer, but I'm not telling anyone not to believe. I've never sued anyone to get them to stop believing, I've never blown anyone up because they don't believe and I've never tried to pass a law telling people not to believe. I am also not delusional enough to believe that I am right or that I have the right to tell anyone else they are wrong. The same can not be said for religious people. They can not live in peace, period. They think they are oppressed, they're not. The laws are not telling them what to beleive, the laws are telling them not to tell anyone else what to believe. Banning prayer in school is not anti-christian, it's about not imposing christianity on others who don't believe in that. Religions make up that they are being oppressed because they are being disallowed from spreading their dogma wherever and whenever they please. No one is asking them not to go to church or do anything else, they are free to descriminate and hate or do whatever they want, just don't tell me that I have to do it too.

And for the record I don't spend any time bitching about god, because there isn't one - I'm bitching about the self-rightious people who are doing things in his name.5/07/2005 3:19 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|what in the world is this guy trying to prove.i dont think god really cares if u r a republican or a democrate.if ur rich or poor.if u r black and white.where does this guy get off by kicking democrats out of the church.that wont solve the countries problems.i would love to know what the church leaders in the waynesville area think about this craziness.i would love to know what the state thinks about this craziness.whatever happen to giving ur heart to jesus christ and living for him.well like alot of church in the world is comes down to how much money u have.what is ur standing in the community and hate to say it.but who u vote for in the election and what party u support.i will go out and say that this person is a fake and all hes out for is to get his name in the paper.5/07/2005 4:35 PM|W|P|Blogger ESCONDIDO|W|P|I cannot believe that there is anyone in this country as stupid as Pastor Chan Chandler. What kind of a person believes that God is a Republican. What makes us even believe that God is on our side in any war. Chandler should take a look at all the picturers that are on the internet of the broken bodies of children caused by the Bush War.5/07/2005 11:57 PM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|Unfortunately, zealotry leaves little room for critical thinking.5/08/2005 3:27 PM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|I agree Rudicus. Even if we are all ultimatly headinjg for a big cold not very swirly unconcious oblivion there's still lots of interesting stuff to look at in the mean time. Like the cicadas, for whom evoloution has converge on lifespans of a prime number of years. And, I suspose, humans also can be quite interesting.
What am I saying? God is a Democrat, that's why he leaves us to our own devices.5/12/2005 1:45 PM|W|P|Blogger Gentle Giant|W|P|Fortunately, it seems reason has prevailed. Pastor Chandler has resigned.

http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/05/10/church.politics.ap/5/05/2005 02:57:00 PM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Well you have to hand it to the conservative culture nazis - they've succeeded in scaring everyone so much that it only takes one call to send people scurrying for the shadows.

Remember when it turned out that all those "outraged" parents who were up in arms about Janet Jackson's 2 seconds of boob, turned out to all be from the same conservative group and didn't really represent anyone but their own uptight constituency? Well, thanks to the fear of conservative backlash, a school in Michigan has banned it's marching band from playing "Louie Louie" because a parent called to complain about the song and it's alleged "raunchy" lyrics.

While you are rolling your eyes - consider the following:

1. The FBI investigated the song and it's lyrics for two years(why this was important is beyond me) and concluded that not only were the lyrics not obscene, but they were "unintelligble at any speed"

2. If a single parent can alter a schools plan with a phone call, I fear for this country as a whole.

3. (and this is the important one) - The lyrics could be "Louie, Louie FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK," and it would make a goddamn bit of difference because it's a marching band, you friggin morons, they don't sing!

This is the same kind of head up the assness that is responsible for most of the stupid crap in this country like fascist idiots running the government (W had his "cinco de mayo" celebration yesterday on quatro de mayo), fake moralists who think that being preachy and condemning others while their hypocrisy and corruption stinks to the high heaven they keep threatening me with is ok, and pseudo-scientists trying to manufacture evidence to support their creationist theories.

And just in case there were any doubts:

Recorded by "The Kingsmen"
(Written by Richard Berry. ©1957-1963, Limax Music Inc.)
Berry, who spoke to a Los Angeles interviewer named Bill Reed,
explains the song as the lament of a seafaring man,
spoken to a sympathetic bartender named Louie.

Louie Louie,
me gotta go.
Louie Louie,
me gotta go.

A fine little girl, she wait for me.
Me catch the ship across the sea.
I sailed the ship all alone.
I never think I'll make it home.

Louie Louie,
me gotta go.

Three nights and days we sailed the sea.
Me think of girl constantly.
On the ship, I dream she there.
I smell the rose in her hair.

Louie Louie,
me gotta go.

Me see Jamaican moon above.
It won't be long me see me love.
Me take her in my arms and then
I tell her I never leave again.

Louie Louie,
me gotta go.
|W|P|111532556531943330|W|P|It Takes a Nation of Idiots to Hold Us Back!|W|P|5/06/2005 1:48 AM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|How can you post such filth?5/06/2005 8:52 PM|W|P|Anonymous PlasticITC|W|P|The lyrics could be "Louie, Louie FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK," and it would make a goddamn bit of difference because it's a marching band, you friggin morons, they don't sing!

LMFAO!5/04/2005 08:13:00 AM|W|P|Rudicus|W|P|
Well, the decline of western civilization continues, but thanks to the legislature in...you guessed it, Texas, we no longer need to fear sexy cheerleaders getting us all hot and bothered.

That's right, Texas, home of the world famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders has passed a law banning sexually suggestive cheerleading. The bill which was brought by Rep. Al Edwards, came as a result of high school cheerleaders engaging in behavior that he deemed too sexy.

Edwards argued bawdy performances are a distraction for students resulting in pregnancies, dropouts and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Didn't we already go through this whole dancing leads to sex and death in Footloose?

Well you've got to hand it to these guys, rather than deal with real issues and real problems they decided to take a step closer to the Taliban and worry about gyrating teens. I for one know that I learned everything I know about sex from watching those zany porn-style cheers at the football games. Yes the danger is apparent. Let's ask some kids who are pregnant or have STD's how they got it and I'm sure the answer will be - watching cheerleaders.

Here's a novel concept, how about banning absentee parenting? That's much more likely the cause of those things, but it's much easier to blame Ashley and her short skirt than to take responsibility for not raising your kids properly.

Gimme an "F"!, Gimme a "U"! What's that spell?

|W|P|111521319446002691|W|P|All This Cheering is Making Me Horny!|W|P|5/04/2005 12:42 PM|W|P|Blogger Ailyn|W|P|damn that's funny considering, as u said, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.5/04/2005 3:43 PM|W|P|Blogger Glod|W|P|Apparantly, according to this diary will change your life 2005 western civilisation reached its apex yesterday afternoon. It's all down hill from now.5/04/2005 4:20 PM|W|P|Blogger AVA|W|P|Then they should also ban mini-skirts and low cut tight jeans in highschools...5/04/2005 4:26 PM|W|P|Blogger Rudicus|W|P|They actually are trying to - the bill is being discussed in committee right now.5/04/2005 9:02 PM|W|P|Blogger Dave|W|P|Yea I read about this yesterday in the paper. I was just shaking my head. Omg!.5/05/2005 8:08 PM|W|P|Blogger The Lone Rangers|W|P|Actually I have to disagree with you on this one. I saw some news footage (I want to say Fox news) on this late the other night. Jr HS and HS cheerleaders very very suggestive stuff for 13-17 year olds. Appearently cheer leading is a major past time for Texans and is taken extremely seriously.5/06/2005 8:58 PM|W|P|Anonymous PlasticITC|W|P|What is happening to this country? Remember when cheerleading was fun for teenage girls, when it was something to be proud of? Now, it's just a bunch of smut. Don't get me wrong, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are hot (oh, my!), but we are talking about little girls of 14...they grow up fast enough...they shouldn't be "grinding like whores" at a football game. It's retarded. It is supposed to be fun and build team sprit, not make teens want to fuck.